About me

Hello there! I’m Alexandra Melançon, a Montreal-based Digital designer specializing in diverse digital assets making with a knack for meaningful and visually appealing experiences, where gamification is preferably possible.

Building on my extensive educational background and eight years of professional experience as a freelance Digital designer, 2 years as a Capture artist in the video game industry and nearly a year as a Tech consultant in the IT Support insdustry, I bring a broad range of expertise and creativity to any project, primarily but not limited to visual design, problem solving, and web/game development.

I want to dedicate the next stage of my professional career to improving gamified experiences, driven by my passion for interactive media, specifically video games or the web, as well as my unique multidisciplinary emphasis and skillset. My utmost goal as a creative and gaming enthusiast is to draw ways I could enhance the experience and or visuals in order for a broader public to appreciate gamified digital interactive media even more so people can connect together more through a common interest.

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