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Game Developement
The Valley of Balance
Role: Game, Level & Digital Designer / C# Programmer
Platform: WebGL
Year: 2020
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The general idea originates from the known meme of the triangle of student life. As such, the game I created is a metaphorical representation of the impossibility of finding balance in one’ life through social life, work and personal care.

After a self-explanatory title screen, the player is expected to follow a path through a colorful, yet strange valley made of a popping canyon theme color palette and stones that are shaped by the journey the player undertakes. The player, playing in a desert in the middle of nowhere, needs to search the balance in his/her/its life by trying to find an escape route that is talking to them more personally. Adorned with a Mount Rushmore aesthetic, the stones, humanoid or object statues, help as a reminder of the three spheres composing our human life according to the meme. The players are then invited to explore this visual adventure and puzzle in the search for balance – or to try again if they choose wrong by picking everything, thus creating an imbalance.

All in all, I did the graphic design for the logo, sound editing, game & level design, C# programmation and art direction from premade assets.

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Click the Run game button, open in Fullscreen, then simply play on your web browser.

WARNING: Play the game on another any browser except Google Chrome for the moment!