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Game Developement
Enkidu's Creation
Role: Game Designer / Artist / C# Programmer
Platform: Windows PC
Year: 2020
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This vignette game is a retelling of the first notable literacy work Gilgamesh that focuses on eliciting a specific emotional reaction from the players, as a way of building empathy, creating new kinds of immersive game experiences with better intuitive usability all the while connecting people through a literacy classic.

The overall gameplay revolves around the whole confusing story behind the creation of Enkidu by the goddess Aruru. The confusion leads the game through an introduction then to a creation screen where most of the gameplay happens. Eventually, the player experiences no real control even when the only task is to match Enkidu to Gilgamesh as it was supposed to be and was not in the story. This project was supposed to be part of a larger collaborative project that would have illustrate and gamify various parts of the story in Gilgamesh.

All in all, I did the game design, all 2D art assets and C# programmation. All done in Unity, Visual Studio 2019, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator CC.

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Click the Download button, unzip the file, then simply execute the Enkidu_Creation.exe file to play. Only playable on PC: