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Digital Editing
Client: Personal Challenge
Type: Reproduction
Year: 2015
Inspired by daily challenge various artists and designers take regularly, I decided to join the fray by inspiring myself from popular posters and digital reproduction. I chose the poster from the movie The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.
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Single Image

After the poster have been chosen, I made things more difficult by self-imposing me to create a replica that do not use any material from the original poster but only new material.

To honor a game I loved that year, I chose Dragon Age: Inquisition to imitate the Hobbit's poster by reenacting it with its own universe instead. Moreover, I decided to change the resolution by making it mobile friendly for great mobile background possibilities.


Challenging my visual and technical skills by creating a replica with another subject of the poster of the third Hobbit movie with new material only.