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Found In Time
Client: Unnamed 48h competition
Type: Visual Music
Year: 2019
Project carried out during a friendly competition in my lost time at the same time as for a university project. The general mandate established was to individually create a time-based visual musical project composed of any number of known digital mediums, approaches or techniques.
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I made a video that engages on the given theme of time, but more precisely on the paradigm of the perception of time. In simpler terms: the passage of time.

To shape this idea into reality, I opted for a visual and musical video with a striking, subtle but abstract soundtrack. As the theme implies, the video represents the passage of time on an abstract level with the rhythmic "Burn it Down" soundtrack by the band Linkin Park, which I adjusted for the duration of the video.

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Creating an appealing conceptual visualization of the concept of time itself with any digital mediums, approaches or techniques available.