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El Don Quichotte
Client: Les entreprises El Don Quichotte inc.
Role: Graphic/Web Designer & Web developer
Year: 2020-2021
The company El Don Quichotte Inc., working in the Import Export and Consulting contacted me to help them create their branding with a logo, business cards, website, seal and more.
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As their name implies, they wanted their logo to be the emblematic Don Quichotte from French Opera, as it holds sentimental value and meaning for them since they often do business with French and Spanish countries as well as serving an older audience.

Their branding was created with their Import Export sector in mind mainly, as they requested. To do so, their logo characterized by Don Quichotte, arbors a scarf reminiscent of transports with a boat, while the business card appeals to their old fashion facet and their website to their clean aspect.

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Creating a unique and tailored brand identity on different scales such as the logo, business cards, website, seal and more. They needed a clean, old fashioned and confident identity to rally under as they needed their new presence at the time made in order to soon officially start their business.