Solar system

A CEGEP project on the production of a video website on the solar system.
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1. Case study

In the course of Layout and typography, it was given to do three website designs on the theme of the solar system, for informational purposes.

2. Result

My project was strongly distinguished from all others by its unique aesthetic and professional design. I had a good score on this project.

3. Experimentation

The website was never posted, acting only as model. But he won a special place in my portfolio.
Project details

Client: Synthesis project

Date: December, 2014

Website: N/A

The solar system is a school project to create a model of website for educational purposes. For the cause, I created my own logo: the sun with some planets revolving in its orbit, represented by small points. The top was dedicated to the planets, thus acting as an interactive menu, which animate while floating and which would allow him to know where he is on the website. For the main menu on the left when the page is opened, it would slide to the right (recalling in this way, the sliding doors of the classic series Star Trek). The style is very square, but represents modern technology, because often in science fiction, vessels, objects, and more are very cubic appearance.
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Great ideas

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