Graphic reproduction

Some graphic reproduction synthesis projects done in a school setting, in CEGEP.
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Project details

Client: CEGEP teachers

Date: 2014

Website: www.cstj.qc.ca/

In this first school project, graphic reproduction, we had to choose a film poster, at our option, and be inspired to create a new, full, with a different subject. No picture and text of the original poster must not be used. The only difference was to respect the constraint of size, in pixels. The project is not the same as the original poster.

The second graphic reproduction was created in a school setting, where you could take ownership of a work. After all, I wanted to represent my intention, which is self-esteem. Then, looking, I fell on the triple self-portrait of Rockwell. Seeing Rockwell painting himself, while looking in the mirror, I thought it was the perfect work to represent self-esteem with art and self-representation as the main theme.
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