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An artistic and literary journal made by students, from CEGEP of Saint-Jérôme.
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1. Case study

The journal Mots de Tête needed a person to be in charge of preparation of their journal. I also proposed to improve their old design that did not age very well. They were in need of a young and professional design.

2. Result

After some research and models, the committee approved with great joy the new concept of the journal. The design was now more modern, young, flashy and professional.

3. Experimentation

The design of the journal took a week creating and editing took a further two weeks (including changes along the way). Then, the whole was sent to print, and then make a big success with the launch of the journal.
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Project details

Client: CEGEP of Saint-Jérôme

Date: 1th September, 2014

Website: www.letroubletete.com/

The artistic and literary journal Mots de Tête, of CEGEP of Saint-Jérôme, was looking for someone to do their layout and, if time presented itself, to update the design. I was the only one in charge of the project: I was the art director and graphic designer simultaneously. After a few meetings, I understood exactly what they needed. The journal would pass to teachers hands to students hands would therefore, need a more discreet, younger but mature enough look. We also had to bring out more the literary side and thus put less emphase on images.

Also, my design had to meet their budget, namely: to create it in black and white, as well as to condense the content for a limited number of 23 pages.
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Great ideas

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