Alexandra Melançon

Multimedia, graphic and web design lover & part time geek

About me

I'm Alexandra Melançon, a multimedia designer living in the province of Quebec, Canada who enjoy creating visual identities for companies or individuals whether in Quebec, France or elsewhere. I am bilingual, speaking fluently French and English for several years, allowing me to adjust myself to more customers.
I do not only create visual identities, but I also do conceptual design, graphic design, web design, illustrations, 3D modeling, video editing, photography and computer repair. Now a young adult, I have gone to cegep and I have been studying in two different techniques: 3D Animation and computer graphics, as well as Multimedia integration.

As of september 2018, I am a student at the Concordia University, to study in the Computation Arts Bachelor program and become an Interactive content designer.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs
Branding, % 80
Design, % 90
Illustration, % 85
Photography and video, % 80
3D Modeling, % 75
Computer repair, % 85


Logo, brand creation, modern, talking, customized.

Need a visual identity representing exactly the audience and the theme of your business or project? I can create a logo or a creation of personalized
brand with the latest trends and that will be just as memorable as the biggest companies.

Business cards, posters, flyers, magazine, circular, sweater, 3D modeling.

You have a journal, a business card, brochure, poster, circular, or even a sweater to do? I can design you everything you need in graphic design, computer
graphics and 3D modeling to stand on top of your concurants or simply attract customers easily.

Website design, modern, Wordpress, Weebly, HTML / CSS, mobile, tablet.

You want to extend your reach or simply update to the latest trends? I can help you by creating a whole new identity on the web, adapting to mobile and
tablets, use an existing platform such as Wordpress, Weebly or Wix, or even use a simple web page in HTML and CSS.

Windows operating system, blue screen, virus removal, software installation.

Your computer may be tricky, blue screen, freezing system, heated smell from the case or it will not start? Come and see me to diagnose the source or sources of the problem. I will give you a full review and then
give you a verdict with an estimate of repairs. If you give me your machine to do the work to do, the examination will be free.

Video editing, special effects, advertising photography.

Your event, your project or your business requires something more advanced? A video with special
effects, an advertisement on the web or TV, or even a photo shoot? I can give you what you expect.

Creative process

When you do business with me on your project creation process will follow a specific order. All steps, will be respected during the project for a better development and a good working relationship for both parties.

The creation process takes place over three (3) simple steps explained individually: discussion, design and production.

1. Discussion
At first, a discussion is necessary, to understand the client's project and see the options for its creation.
2. Design
At this stage, the customer is given visual models of its draft to approve, add or modify the project.
3. Production
Following the design approval of the client, the project is carried out gradually to its final version.

Why choose me?

Very creative youth

Enjoy the creativity that comes with youth to create, update or embellish your projects. You will promote more better options.

Professional and affordable

With years of study and work experience in the domain, I am able to work with you on your projects at an unbeatable price.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Very close to my clients, I will do everything in my power to satisfy my client (s) during and after the creation of your projects.

What people say?

I want to acknowledge the outstanding work shown by Alexandra Melançon by participating in the development of the magazine creative writing and artistic Mots de Tête which I am the coordinator.

Alexis Vaillancourt-Chartrand, from Journal Mots de Tête.

What people say?

My laptop does not stop being slow and I worried over viruses. Now my laptop is fine and I have no more slow problem or concern with the virus. I am very satisfied with the services offered. I highly recommend for good prices and great service!

Jeannine Bélisle.

What people say?

My hotel needed a logo, business cards and a website that would represent my brand, without costing me a fortune. I was amazed at the beauty of the work and the visual representation of my business. You can't pass such a beautiful opportunity at such a modest price.

CEO of El Don Quichotte Hotel.


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