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An aesthetic Quebec studio, beauty, formation and distribution of professional products.
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1. Case study

Following our first meeting, I saw that my client wanted a logo very similar to their old and a website that is modern, clean, not too complicated, young and professional.

2. Result

The models given to my client was a success. I was well representing her studio and its needs for her logo and her website:www.lestudioblanche.com.

3. Experimentation

The website was put online in June 2015 and was widely acclaimed by customers of the studio. It took three (3) months to make, working hand in hand with the owner.
Project details

Client: Mélissa Garant, owner

Date: March, 2015

Website: www.lestudioblanche.com

Blanche studio is an aesthetics company, beauty, formation and distribution of cosmetic products for professionals. The visual identity sought in this project required a modern, clean, not too complicated, young and professional look. I was hired by the owner to conceptualize and create a new visual identity and a website. For the web part, the website supports their work in the field of beauty: light, elegant, distinguished and modern.
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Great ideas

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