Antre du geek

A non-profit group on francophone geek culture, such as video games, conventions, table games, etc.
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1. Case study

The group's Antre du geek was looking for a graphic designer to create their printed and web products. After several discussions, a logo, business card, posters ans mascots were created.

2. Result

The brand represents the very definition of the geek group, while being unique.

3. Experimentation

The new visual identity has been a great success. The group expects a good reception of their mascots among people.
Project details

Client: Antre du geek's group

Date: November, 2014

Website: www.lantredugeek.com/

The Antre du geek is a website (blog) on francophone geek culture, dealing with video games as with Conventions. The team was looking for a graphic to direct everything in their visual identity because they were starting to become more popular on the web. They found me and presto! I am a graphic designer in my spare time for this group of happy geeks. Recently, I had to make them a business card, posters ans mascots. They respect the actual design of their website: strip of bright red retro square structure (hence the small pixel texture for the background). The mascots for their part, follow the rules that were given to me by the group, with a modern and cameleon style.Coming soon, a new beauty to their website!
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