L'Association des jeunes impliqués politiquement

An association located in Saint-Jérôme which aims to involved young generations in political issues.
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Customer review
“ While listening to it despite the time issued to it, she knows interpreted values and even asked to go further than a simple website. At this stage, it values, the values of the company or the NPO and inquires at the root to create a logo of a good color and shape of the emitted. His work at this stage was to make a design for a synthesis work to his study program. After discussions, white card was issued. Compare to the old design of our site, we are proud to see a result beyond our vision. Trust Alexandra. ”
Project details

Client: Simon Lynch

Date: 1th December, 2014

Website: www.adjip.org/

L'Association des jeunes impliqués politiquement is a group of young people who want to emphasize the importance of being a good citizen to other young people, soon or age to establish their right as a citizen. I was contacted by one of them, in CEGEP, helping to create a visual identity that would communicate their purpose well and later a website which can welcome useful information for members and future members.

Of course, the first rules for all elements: it had to be something moving, dynamic, young, talking, encouraging cooperation and freedom of expression. So for the logo I opted for yellow that characterizes movement and youth. For the form, I opted for a square that represents modernity in which young people live. The three hands join to form a proud bird, symbol of freedom, expressed loudly. For the website, a blog is also fashion is squared in a well-organized, modern and youthful.
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